Hello and welcome to Pro Finance Guru. You are visiting fruitful website which is dedicated to providing articles related to stock market analysis and price prediction of stocks and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, this website is oriented to uplift the financial literacy of youngster. 

Who We Are

We have young and engergetic group members who have completed their master degree on Masters of Business Studies(Finance) from reputed universities. We are operating form Nepal, but our target is to help golbal readers. Our team is dedicated to assist you in the complex financial world. Keep in touch with us for needed information before investing.


We are operating with having following visions:

  • To perform stock market analysis.
  • To analyze indivudual stock and cryptocurrency then predict price for future.
  • To provide basic and advanced concepts of finance for youngster to boost their finance literacy.

What We Want From Our Visitors

We want continous feedback on our work which will facilitate us to improve our contents and provide our readers with the best possible experience. For feedback, feel free to email us at g.dhakal026@gmail.com