Lucid Stock Price Prediction for 2023-2025: Unveiling the Road Ahead

Welcome to another article that discusses Lucid stock price prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050. Here, we perform fundamental, technical, and market situation analyses for Lucid Group Inc. Based on the analysis, stock price predictions for Lucid in upcoming years and decades are presented with detailed explanations. Let’s start to fulfill your curiosity about the price ranges at which lucid stock will be traded in the upcoming short-term, mid-term, and long-term time frame.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2023-2050

Overview of Lucid

Industry Consumer Discretionary Products
Sub Industry Automotive
Symbol at Nasdaq LCID
Founded 2007
Founders Bernard Tse, Sam Weng, Sheaupyng Lin
Current CEO Peter Rawlinson (4/2019-Present)
Headquarter Neward, California, USA.

Lucid was formally known as Atieva; but in October 2016, the company rebranded itself as Lucid Motors. Lucid went a publicly traded company after completing a merger with Churchill Capital Crop IV in July 2021. and debuted on Nasdaq on July 26.

Lucid Group Inc. is a technology and automotive company which is engaged in designing, engineering, and manufacturing electric vehicles, EV powertrains, and battery systems. It operates as a subsidiary of Ayar Third Investment Company.

Lucid Air and Lucid Gravity are two major car products. Among them, lucid air was unveiled in December 2016 and production was started in 2021. Lucid Air Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Editions are all versions of Ludic Air. On the other hand, Lucid Gravity is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) whose, concept came out in 2021 but Lucid has said that Lucid Gravity will arrive in 2024.

Fundamental Aspects of Lucid

Fundamental Indicators of Lucid (Currency: USD)
Particular March 2023 (Q1, 2023) March 2022 (Q1, 2022)
Total Revenue 149.43M 57.67M
Gross Profit -351.09M -245.97M
Operating Income -749.66M -597.53M
Net Income -779.53M -81.29M
Total Assets 7.26B 7.40B
Total Liability 3.63B 3.57B
Current Ratio 4.06 11.46
Quick Ratio 3.06 10.80
Inventory Turnover 2.81 2.49
Asset Turnover 0.10 0.02
Book Value Per Share $1.98 $2.30

Lucid’s fundamental health does not seem to be attractive to investors. Although its revenue is growing impressively, due to the high cost of goods sold and operating expenses its gross profit and net income have become negative and loss is increasing.

Regarding the balance sheet analysis of Lucid, total assets decreased and total liability increased in Q1, 2023 compared to the corresponding quarter end of 2022.

Liquidity ratios and turnover ratios are significantly improved but book value per share declined from $2.30 in Q1, 2022 to $1.98 in Q1, 2023.

Although the fundamental indicators of Lucid are not seemed to be satisfactory at present, it is anticipated that these indicators will be improved with the growing production and sale of EVs and SUVs in the future.

Recent Fundamentals:

Technical Live Chart for Lucid

All time High Price of Lucid is $64.86 which was reached on Feb 18, 2021. On 17 November 2021, it tried to break this high but went up to $57.75 only.

5-days, 10-days, 20-days, 50-days, 100-days, and 200-days moving average Analysis conducted on 4 July 2023 showed a buy signal for Lucid stock.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050

The stock price of Lucid is expected to reach up to $600 by the end of 2050 increasing steadily in the intervening years. The detailed forecast is presented in the following table:

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2023 $6 to $17
2024 $13 to $39
2025 $32 to $62
2030 $ 175 to $208
2040 $420 to $460
2050 $560 to $600


Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2023

From the expert opinion, the stock of Lucid may be traded between $6 to $17 in 2023. The lower price is a strong support level for this company which can be seen in the technical price chart. The higher price may be achieved with the possible growth of the company leading toward investors’ optimism.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2023 $6 to $17

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, Lucid stock price is likely to be traded between the range of $13 and $39. Due to the market sentiment that may remain positive toward automotive companies, the stock price of Lucid is predicted to catch an upward trend in 2024.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2024 $13 to $39

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2025

The revenue generation from Lucid Gravity, which is expected to be launched in 2024, may help to build a positive impression on investors toward this stock. In the same way, if the bullish sentiment remains on Nasdaq, the stock price of Lucid could be traded between $32 and $62.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2025 $32 to $62

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2030

After analyzing the plans of Lucid some analysts have said that Lucid’s performance will be improved significantly in the future. That means, investing in Lucid could get a significant return also. If such analysis becomes true and the bullish scenario occurs in the market, Lucid’s highest target is $208 in 2030. On the contrary, the bad performance of Lucid beyond the expectation and bearish sentiment in the market might restrict the stock value to $175.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2030 $175 to $208

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2040

Electric Vehicle has a long-term prospect in the world and Lucid is emerging as a competent player in the market. Therefore, our team has predicted that the share price of Lucid will move around $440 in 2040. The bullish sentiment will help to reach the highest at $460 and the bearish sentiment will lead to stay at $420.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2040 $420 to $460

Lucid Stock Prediction 2050

According to our analysis, there is a high potential for Lucid to emerge as a prominent player in the automotive industry in the long run. It is anticipated that investors may become optimistic about its financial health. Hence, there is a high possibility of the Lucid share price reaching up to $600 by 2050. However, in the absence of aggressive buyers, its stock value might be moving around $560 only.

Year Lucid Stock Price Prediction
2023 $560 to $600

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What will Lucid stock be worth in 2025?

Our team has anticipated that the Lucid stock will be traded from as low as $32 to as high as $62 in 2025. This target can be achieved if Lucid’s gravity project successfully launches in 2024 and reduces the cost of goods sold to generate positive net income.

Can Lucid stock reach $100?

Our team has predicted that the Lucid stock is expected to reach at least $175 in 2030 so that it can reach $100 around 2028 or later. This is predicted by analyzing the growing business of lucid which may increase optimism in investors and that may reflect on the stock market also.

Is Lucid stock a buy hold or sell?

After a brief analysis of Lucid stock’s fundamental, technical, market situation, and prospects, it can be said that selling would not be a good idea. It is suggested to hold if you already have bought and buying could be also a good idea.

Will Lucid pay dividends?

No. Shortly, Lucid can’t pay any dividends because its income statement shows a negative Net Income amount in recent years. However, dividend announcements could be expected in the long run.

Conclusion and Disclaimer

The Lucid Stock Price Prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 may be achieved if the business operation of Lucid runs smoothly and aggressively in the future and if there is a growing market potential for the electrical vehicle. On the other hand, the main challenge of Lucid is to beat its rival companies such as Tesla, Ford, and Rivian. The forecasted prices are based on fundamental and technical analysis conducted by our team which does not mean any recommendation for your investment decision.

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