Xela Stock Price Prediction 2025 to 2050: Expected to rise?

If you are looking for Nasdaq: XELA stock price prediction for the year 2025 and onwards, your search ends here. As many many have this stock on their watchlist though it is facing a downward trend, this article presents Exela Technologies’ stock forecast for the upcoming few decades.

Xela Stock Price Prediction

Exela Technologies (Nasdaq: XELA) is founded in 2017 and provides business process automation services including finance & accounting, human resource management, and legal management. Exela has introduced itself as a global leader in business process automation. It is headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States.

While talking about the historical price, the transaction of Xela was closed at $117.601.176  although the opening price was $118201.182 on the first trading day of 27 March 2015.  On the same day, its price reached $129600 and this is the highest price of XELA in history. Then the market was stable till June 2017 but it caught a continuous downward trend since then.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The revenue of Exela is decreasing year by year. Its total revenue is $1077157 for 2022 which is 8.3% less than that of 2021. Exela is also suffering from a huge net loss. In 2022, its net loss was $415581.

Exela Technologies has announced ‘operational improvement objectives for 2023′ with the claim that it will save around $65-$75 million for the current year. You can read this announcement in the given link.

From the price volume chart for XELA, it can be seen that there is remarkably high volume on 16th and 17th May 2023 when it fixed its bottom at $2.66. Therefore, $2.66 may be taken as minor support. However, this stock has to face many resistances for its bullish journey.

Investors’ losing interest for XELA can be predicted as the volume is also not supporting as well as many bulish ingulfing candle became invalid in the past.

Xela Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050

Year Pessimistic Forecast* Optimistic Forecast*
2025 $ 2.34 $7.1
2030 $ 2.12 $10.4
2035 $ 1.6 $32.3
2040 $ 1.2 $60
2050 $0.5 $100


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* Pessimistic forecast is conducted assuming that company will not perform well in future, its not loss will not be recovered soon. whereas Optimistic forecast is performed with assumption of good comeback of the company in the year.

Is XELA expected to rise?

Considering the current market movement, XELA is expected to rise in the future; however the short-term trend is not supporting to this argument. XELA can be considered for long-term investment.

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